Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Goodmama Love

I have found the Goodmama love, as they say. It's an elite club of cloth diaperer's around the world. You gotta get some, if you are into that type of thing. Scott would kill me if he knew how much they cost but they are so cute and that justifies everything. Suzanne (the owner and creator of Goodmamas) really figured something out. Moms will pay for their babies to have organic bamboo velour against their butts and cute prints to cover them up. Man, I am in love. Pretty sad considering it is something she poops in.

In the meantime, Hannah is completely unimpressed with her snazzy new diaper. She has found a new love for her hands and feet. She can hardly believe that they came in the total package. She is quite in awe of her new discovery.

It's the little things...

Our Family According to Alexis

Alexis's new favorite past time is coloring. She loves it and will spend hours doing it. The other morning we got out her pad of paper and I asked her to draw a picture of our family. One by one, she "drew" what she thought we looked like. She even included Mimi and Papa since they are here for an extended visit. Below is a picture of her drawing. I can't tell you who is who but I am quite in love with my little artist.

Notice Hannah is trying to get in on the action, crayon in hand and all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Stats

Hannah had her 4 month well baby visit today. She weighed in at 13lbs 6oz and was 25 inches long. Dr. Graham said she is doing fabulous. He asked if I had any questions and I asked if it was normal for her not to hold her head up when she is lying on her tummy. He said yes, it was perfectly normal for her age. He then proceeded to put Hannah on her tummy and lo and behold, there she was, holding her head up tall. I felt completely silly. She must have learned that overnight.

She also got her vaccinations. Poor baby. I think it was harder on me than her. She has had a fussy day but is sleeping soundly now. I may be in for a long night. Scott said today that it would be like us going into the doctors office and them jabbing us with a 2 foot needle. Thanks babe...I already feel bad enough.

She is growing too fast. Slow down little one...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hannah Banana

My poor children. I decided that for Halloween this year that Alexis would be a monkey (it suits her personality) and Hannah would be a banana. Pretty darn cute, if you ask me. Plus, I have good blackmail pictures when they go out on their first date...in like, 25 years.

I have a appointment for pictures tomorrow. That should be interesting considering Alexis refuses to put on her monkey costume. Maybe a bribe with her all-time favorite, lollipops. Then again, I may have ruined that one with the several she has had in the last few days for going pee-pee on the potty. They may have lost their luster by now.

On the cuteness factor, Alexis wins major points for the day. I was sitting in her playroom with her this morning with Hannah in my lap. We were playing with her toys and I found the lone princess tiara that she was given for her birthday. She has probably only played with it less than 5 times and really doesn't know about the princesses. We haven't embarked on that Disney journey yet. Anyway, I put the tiara on Hannah and she looks at Hannah and says, "Oh, baby Hannah! You are a princess too!". How sweet is that?? She loves her baby sister so much and I am so glad. My hope is that they will be the best of friends for a lifetime to come.

I embarked on a cloth diaper journey back in March. I switched Alexis completely over and did lots of research while pregnant with Hannah. Hannah came along and I have done all cloth on her since she was about 5 weeks old. Last week, I found a site called Diaper Swappers. I am hooked. Not only does it have all kinds of information, but you can buy, sell, or trade anything cloth diaper related. I have decided to try one of everything. Wish me luck, this should be interesting.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sun Shade

I had to work yesterday so Scott took the girls for a visit to Brawley...about 2 hours away. Scott grew up there and most of his family still resides there. On the way down the mountain, our drama-mama Alexis decided she didn't like the sun in her face. Scott looked back there and found this.

She is a smart cookie.

When I came home from work, I got the best welcome from my kids. Lexi is so happy to see me and showers me in hugs and kisses. It melts my heart. My little one wants only one thing...to reconnect to Mommy. I said hi to her and turned my head for just a second. My tiny little baby let out a yelp that would break any one's heart. I quickly scooped her up and reconnected. :)

Lastly, Hannah is in awe of her sister. Lexi tends to stay close by to me so when Hannah is upright, she closely follows Alexis with her eyes and the smiles are huge. I love watching them together. Once Hannah can play more, I am sure the sight of them will melt my heart even further. I am completely in love with these little women.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Chilly Morning

It was 49 degrees this morning. That is pretty chilly for Southern California. I have been using my heater the last few mornings and although it feels good, it is also bittersweet. Goodbye summer. Of course, you wouldn't know that it is that cool in the morning come 10 AM. The highs this week are in the upper 90s but with lows in the 50s. I guess we are getting a mixture although I wish the weather would just make up it's mind.

This morning we had to be out of the house early so I dressed the girls up in their fall gear and took some pictures. They were overdressed by 10 AM but I enjoyed digging out the fall clothes. This afternoon we are back to shorts and T-shirts. Go figure.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Such a doll...

Lollipops and Labwork

Alexis now goes to dance class just for the lollipop. While Miss Tiffany is teaching the class, Alexis "pretends" to participate, waiting until just the right moment when Miss Tiffany's attention is diverted and she heads for the bucket of lollipops. This goes on several times before the commencement of the 30 minute class. She has yet to succeed in outsmarting Miss Tiffany but her determination is endless. In my determination to make my daughter graceful, I will continue to take her until either she hates me for it or the lollipops lose their luster.

Alexis's last lab test came back. NEGATIVE for celiac disease. I am so happy that we are not dealing with something so life altering. However, I am more perplexed at what is causing the tummy trouble. After speaking with a good friend, I Googled "toddler diarrhea" and her symptoms seem to fit. The condition is worse when the child drinks juice ,so for now Alexis is missing her beloved apple juice. We will see if the answer is this simple. I sure hope so.

I took Hannah to get weighed today. I like to know how much she is growing and I have a hard time waiting for her well baby visits. She weighs 12 lbs 4.4oz. She is getting so big and her little rolls are so cute. She is also missing her neck and I hope that one day it turns up.

The most happy news of all is that the girls have a new cousin. Baby Bree was born yesterday at 12:24 PM and weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and measured 20.5 inches long. Congratulations Todd and Rorie!