Sunday, September 23, 2007


You have become almost insistent that you feed yourself these days. You are surprisingly good at it. Most of it gets to your mouth. You prefer the double fisted approach where you have a spoon in each hand and you are equally good with both hands. Maybe we have a ambidextrous little girl on our hands. This only adds to the fact that I already think you are a genius. You also love yogurt! You insist on having it for breakfast and at least one other time during the day. You are not happy in the morning until you go to the fridge and pick out your yogurt. You love it and any flavor will do. I think Key Lime Pie was the flavor of the day in this picture.
You also had a well-baby visit on Friday, September 21st. You weighed in at 23lbs 13oz (50th percentile) and you are 32 inches tall (75th percentile). Much to our new doctor's amazement, you also have a head that measures 50cm (above an beyond the 99th percentile) in circumference. He did tell us he was a little concerned with your "proverbial big head" but that he would watch it and see how you do in the coming months. Overall, you are in excellent health and developing beautifully.
You can now say all kinds of words on command and it is so cute! Especially when you say "baby". You do the sign for baby and in a high pitch voice you say "baby" as plain as day. It melts my heart and brings a tear to my eye every time. The list of words include mama, dada, papa, bye-bye, hi, ball, and baby. Her sitter swears she can say pretzel and watermelon but we have yet to hear those come out of her mouth.
Also, I need to edit that you WERE sleeping through the night when I wrote that last post but you have since reverted to your old routine and we are lucky if we get 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I keep telling Daddy that one day you won't want to be in our bed and on that day we will miss you terribly. You are growing so fast and sometimes I wish I could just make time stand still so you could be my baby forever.
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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pooping on the Floor…..

In less than one week, you have pooped on the floor 3 times. We are assuming this is a sign that you are getting ready to be potty-trained. I think I read that somewhere. On Monday you had diarrhea and squirted on the floor at Leigh’s house while we were their Labor Day guests. I thought it was just because your tummy was upset. I was wrong. Way wrong. Thursday night, after your bath, I went to get your PJs and I left you diaper-free. You pooped in the floor. Yep, two little turds. You turned and picked one up. Dad thought it was awesome. I thought it was disgusting and promptly scrubbed you clean. Today, I took your diaper off when we got home and you pooped on the floor, only I didn't know about it until I went to put your diaper on less than 3 minutes later. To my surprise, I laid you down and you had poop all over your legs. Dad was on all fours cleaning up the mess and needless to say, you had your bath early. I think we will dig out the ol’ potty seat and try to teach you what it is for.

In other news, you pretty much know all your body parts. You have some trouble with “eye” but I assume it is because it sounds similar to the others. I caught you on tape yesterday and you did them all. It is so cute to hear you say “belly button”. It is more like “bee-bees”. So cute and very smart for a 15 month old!

We went on our first visit to Sea World today. You were not appreciative of the 45 minute wait to see the Shamu show. You finally settled down and the killer whales kept your attention for about 15 minutes. You seemed to enjoy our picnic lunch more than anything. You conked out after the shark tunnel and we went home. I am sure there will be many more trips to Sea World.

You also love to give kisses. You will pucker up your cute little lips and say “Mmmmma”. You like to gives lots of kisses in succession. It is the sweetest thing and I love being the recipient of those wet kisses.

For the best news of all, you are finally sleeping through the night. Although many parents celebrate this milestone within the first few months, we are excited to finally get a full night sleep. You are also spending the night in your own room, in your own crib. I do miss your snuggles and for a couple of nights I let you sleep next to me but I soon realized that everyone sleeps better in their own bed.

You are growing up too fast and I can’t believe you were once so tiny and new.