Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Naughty, but Cute...

You have really learned some new things these past few days. You can, without a doubt, say the words "ball" and "ice" and you know what they mean.

You love Mimi's ice machine in the refrigerator and run to watch the ice come out. In the afternoon's when Mimi has a glass of ice water, you run to sit with her so you can have ice. You seem to have an obsession with ice in general. If you are given a sip of any one's drink and it has ice in it, you have to put your hands in the ice. I can give you large chunks of ice and you will happily suck on it till it's gone. You also just learned the word "ball" and you are quite the rebounder when we play with your new basketball set. You look so emphatic when you say it, like your brain is really working hard to make that 'b' sound.

You have also learned more body parts. You know where your nose, ear, and belly button are. It is so cute to ask you where your belly button is. You lift your shirt, point to it, and say "Be-bu-ton", in your own cute way. I must ask you a dozen times a day to show me your bellybutton because it tickles me so much to see you do it.

Daddy taught you where the clouds were yesterday. Now when we ask you where the clouds are, you immediately point to the sky. We give you praise every time and now you will look at us and clap. You are so proud of yourself.

You also can be very naughty. Daddy and I were so embarrassed on Sunday evening because you would not behave in Coco's while we were having pie with Grandpa, Mimi, and their friends. We had to leave - a first for us. You also like to get into cabinets and drawers. You will pull out all of the food from the cabinet and your latest favorite is getting into Mimi's make-up. We are trying to teach you and I keep telling myself that there will be some major "tomato staking" when we get settled.

You also love to go outside. Thanks to Daddy, you actually get to go outside. You pick up all the rocks and run to show us, like it is a treasure. You would spend all day out there if we let you.
We are getting ready to embark on our new journey in a few days. We had to return to Arizona for a couple of weeks to wait on Daddy's company to finish some legalities. We are enjoying Grandpa and Mimi but are anxious to get into our own routine again.

Finally - San Diego - here we come!

Friday, August 3, 2007


In the last few days you can really get going, You have now figured out how to run and run fast. You run from us and we are trying to nip that in the bud. You think running is the coolest thing and you have the silliest grin on your face as you run across the floor.

Much to my credit, you now know where your nose is. I have been working with you for a couple of weeks but I am sure now that you know. If you say, "Alexis, where is your nose?", you point to your nose, every time, without fail. Most times you stick your finger in your nose. I hope this is not a sign of habits to come.

Today. I was getting ready to go to lunch and I was curling my hair at Mom's vanity. You were being overly whiny (as it seems you are a lot lately) and Mimi tried to distract you by asking you to show her the dog. There was a picture of a dog on an advertisement paper lying on the ground. You looked at her and walked away. You went into the kitchen and found your Touch and Feel book with the dog in it and brought it back to Mimi. She then asked you where the dog was and you opened the book to the dog page. If that wasn't enough, she showed you the picture of the fish and you very clearly said "fish". I was amazed, as was your Mimi.

You seemed to have missed the memo that you aren't supposed to have separation anxiety until 15 months. I can't leave the room without you following me and chanting, "mamamamama", while holding your arms in the air. It is quite a pathetic sight but it is cute enough for me to always pick you up. You seemed to prefer me from birth, literally. The night you were born you would not stay in the bassinet, even when the nurse insisted that you could not sleep with me in my hospital bed. You didn't want Daddy were only satisfied with me and you have continued on that streak everyday for the last 14 months. I really don't mind because I know that one day I won't be your #1 pick to hang out with.

Tomorrow we leave Prescott for California on this new chapter in our lives. Hang on, girl, it's gonna be a wild ride.