Thursday, July 26, 2007


You are so when you have a cell phone (or regular phone) in your hand and one of us says "hello", you put the phone up to your ear and attempt a "hello" but it comes out more as a "oho". You have watched me spend hours on the phone since you were born and countless hours hearing my voice on the phone while you were in utero, so it is no surprise that you know what to do at the ripe old age of 14 months. I tease Daddy that it is a matter of months before you will need your own cell phone. Maybe a baby Blue Tooth...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Words

You are saying the cutest things! My favorite is "deeshh". Like you are saying "this" but with an accent. Among the ongoing list is "seeshh", "a-dith", "bwupp", and "Suzy" when you see Grammie and Papa's cat. Your vocabulary is blooming and I am sure that one day you will talk our ears off.

You still do what Daddy coined as the "car starter" cry. When you are really mad you get so worked up that your cry sounds exactly like a car starting. It is a flashback from your early days especially since you have lost a lot of the cute things you used to do like sticking out your pouty lip and the unmistakable raccoon eyes. Every now and again you will say "ah-whoo" and it is so adorable and reminds me of your sweet newborn smell and tiny body.

In other news, Daddy was offered a position at General Atomics in San Diego, California. We will be moving there in just a couple of weeks. You are such a little trooper...traveling with us as we find our way in the world. You are already been to more places in your short life than I had been at age 20. Life is changing but I am looking forward to all the new and exciting things we will explore together.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


You have learned to point your finger and have someone come and touch it with their pointed finger, just as the 1980's movie "E.T." It is so cute and everyone laughs when you do it. You used to come across the room when someone would point and put your tiny finger up to theirs but now you point and wave your tiny finger until someone comes up and touches it with their pointed finger. It seems as though it is your connection to the adult world, either that or you love the attention you get when you do it.

We are in California now on the search for employment. It is as if we are nomads, traveling from one place to the next. I feel so guilty that you do not have a place to call home and I am sure you are confused when you wake up and find yourself in a new place almost every day. You are adapting much better than I anticipated and you have more strength in your tiny body than Daddy and I seem to have put together. You are strong, just as I dreamed you would be.

On another note, you continue to fall in love with all of the pets you come across. You love Suzy, Grammie and Papa's cat. She is almost bigger than you and yet you still tackle her, in your own gentle way. She puts up with it for the most part...I think she realizes that you are little. You loved playing with your cousin Shelby and it took a lot of sleeping today to recover from the last few days of playing with her. You follow her like she is your newest hero. You want to do all the things she does and it is so cute to see you try. You are precious and although I am proud to watch you grow, it still saddens me that everyday you grow, you are that much closer to not being a baby anymore.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

July 8th, 2007

I have leaped into the blogging world. I hope to use this as a journal of your toddler years. I spend enough time on the computer that I should do something meaningful besides surfing the glorious world-wide web. I was sad that the infamous 1st year calendar was sealed a few weeks ago. I thought of buying a journal and jotting things down but this just seemed easier...or maybe I am just lazy. Whatever the reason, you will have my thoughts written down as we travel through the toddler years. I hope that in 20 years, you can read this and laugh at your humble beginnings.

Today you are 13 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day old. You have suddenly changed into a "kid". You, of course, are still very much my baby, but you have an attitude that is emerging rather quickly. A much referenced website, is sited as saying,

"Communication with your 13-month-old is getting more sophisticated all the time. She's probably got the hang of "Dada," "Mama," and a few other recognizable words, though she's still quite good at making her desires known without much vocabulary. When she wants down, she'll point down; when she wants your attention, she'll tug your shirt. She's also understanding a good percentage of the simple language you use around her every day, so be sure to talk to her and read to her as much as possible."

I seem to have missed the part about the squealing temper and utter defiance? Who is this child? You have started to insist on having everything your way.....we are working on modifying that. You have a mind of your own, that is for sure. You seem to understand everything we say, and if it is some sort of command then you decide whether or not to listen. There are times that you are told no and you will look around to see if anyone is watching and you sneak to do it again. You can be such a little stinker!

You have just learned how to click with your tongue. I am not sure where you learned to do it but it sure is cute! You love animals. We went to visit some friends today and they had dogs - were you ever excited! You wouldn't take your eyes off of them. I am sure that one day you will have to have a puppy - but I have a lot of convincing to do with Daddy. Your hair is also growing...Grandpa says it didn't grow until you came to Arizona. You have a total of 8 teeth...all of them came with much pain and hardship on your part. I never knew how miserable a baby could be when they are teething!

You continue to nurse throughout the day and night. You are such a wiggle worm when you nurse. It seems as though you wish you could just take them with you...too bad they are attached to my body. You say "mama", "mom", "dada", "this" and "that". You are constantly "talking". It is almost all incomprehensible but you are so cute when you really have something important to say. You have this serious look about you and we just know that whatever you are saying must be earth-shattering! You also love to get into cabinets and close doors. You will close every open door you pass by. You are the entertainment!

I purchased the cutest, but most impractical and silly outfit on Saturday. What little girl doesn't need butterfly wings and a tutu? So cute as you can see for yourself...

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You are so precious and I am blessed to be able to witness you growing up.