Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seasonal Depression Disorder

We lived in sunny San Diego for 3 years before moving to Kansas. I didn't even know what Seasonal Depression Disorder was and even if I did, I knew it couldn't possibly affect me.

Oh, I was wrong. Last year, I thought I was just dealing with postpartum issues and some post traumatic stress. This year, I thought for sure things would be better. I came across this funny on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago.

It is so true. Since the time changed, it seems like the weather took a drastic change. The sun hasn't come out in 3 days. I am sad, grumpy, and irritable. I have another 4 months of this weather. Must get one of these...

Hopefully, for my family and myself, this will work and I will be my happy self again soon. I hope Santa hears my pleas all the way at the North Pole. I wonder if he suffers from Seasonal Depression Disorder? Surely, not his jolly ol' self.

May the three of you that actually read this blog, have a Happy Thanksgiving!